Every seller is competing for the right buyer. Staging Marketing tool designed to show a property in its best possible light. Often it just takes an outsider's look to rearrange the items you hav to make the space pop!


  • Increase the likelihood of a higher sales price
  • Gives the impression of a well maintained home
  • Gives a favorable first impression
  • Helps justify the asking price
  • Makes the home seem larger
  • Gives every room a purpose
  • Help buyers see themselves in the home
  • Put your home above the competition
  • Creates a "must-see" home through photography
  • Gives you a head start on packing

Staging Tips For Success

Home staging will highlight your home's assets and help buyers imagine themselves moving in and leaving .If it's done right it will enhance the sale of your home and should help sell it quickly. You always want your home to look it’s best for potential buyer’s. According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Staging Stats report 49%buyers agents believe home staging has an effect on how buyers view the home, with 77% said it makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as if they lived there.

With so much to gain it makes sense for sellers to put time and effort into staging their home and fortunately many of the best staging tips do not require spending a lot of money.

According to the NAR report rooms that are most important and hold their value is the living room, en-suite, and kitchen. These rooms you should focus on most.

First impressions matter and make your home stand out. Power washing removes dirt and grim from the roof, gutters fascia and siding.

Try to clean out and de-clutter your home. Buyers like to imagine themselves in it. It has to be cleaned out anyway so why not try doing some of it before you list. Remove any photos that are personalized as well as bathroom items. Getting rid of clutter will make your home look bigger and more desirable.

Clean, clean, clean! Your house should sparkle every time it is shown . Refrigerators ,dusting blinds and window sills, baseboards and the corner of your ceilings go to places you have never cleaned before!!!!

Patch and Repair any walls that need help. A magic eraser works wonders using it on scuffed walls ,tubs, grout, and doors. Caulking tubs and sinks can make a huge difference .A little paint goes a long way it gives a fresh look to an old room. Painting the shutters and front door makes a huge difference.

A new mailbox, new front mat, replace light bulbs that are burnt out, and replacing the numbers on your house will give a little face lift.

Bring in the sunlight, open all blinds, paint the walls light colors to brighten them up and they will look larger.

Rearrange your old furniture, get rid of large pieces, use two instead of all to make the room look as spacious as possible and more inviting.

Staging a home does not require spending a lot of money- just making smart decisions will make your home sell fast and add value

Add some character to your home. Swap out the boring utensil holder for a decorative Mason jar and fill it with wooden and decorative spoons. Fill a bowl with fruit and put it on the table. Fresh flowers in another room can add that freshness to that special room. Do not leave a lot of appliances on the counter leaving a lot of items out to make the kitchen look smaller.

Cleaning up the flower beds, adding mulch, removing the dead plants, edging and planting some seasonal flowers will make a nice first time presentation. If it's winter time buy 2 planters and plant small evergreens. On a porch or stoop and a couple of chairs out front to expand your outdoor living space.

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