What to look for in a real estate agent

May 30, 2022 - admin

One of life's most important and most significant financial decisions is buying a new home or selling an existing one. Without the required knowledge, experience, and understanding of the market, the decision one takes may not be an informed decision. However, the good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. A crucial step in the home selling or buying process is to choose a reliable real estate agent.

Real estate agents work with their clients, helping them buy, sell and rent homes and properties. An expert real estate agent will work with you throughout the buying or selling process, walking you through every step involved and providing you with the necessary information you may not necessarily find elsewhere.

But, there is no shortage of real estate agents. Finding the best real estate agent can feel overwhelming when each of them is promising high-quality work, and you have not worked with any of them previously. Please follow the steps mentioned below to clarify what should constitute a perfect agent.

Hire a local real estate agent

Some real estate agents may know the entire metropolitan area, whereas others may have particular knowledge and understanding of a certain place. And if you are very specific about where you are going to move, choosing to work with a local real estate agent may help in several ways. A local agent should be fully aware of the area, so that they may be able to provide one with trusted information about the neighborhood, facilities available, history and quality of living in the area, etc. Another benefit is that they can meet you face-to-face more often, making a home purchase or sale that much quicker. A local agent should have the exact price information based on the location and other factors.

Seek trusted and genuine references

One of the best ways to find the right real estate agent is to seek genuine references and recommendations, possibly from people in the area who have worked with agents previously. Talk to your friends and people in your neighborhood about what their experiences with real estate agents were like. Suppose you are relocating to an area where you do not personally know anyone. In that case, you may want to consider asking the agent if they can supply you with a list of previous satisfied clients, along with contact details, so you can speak with them and take things forward.

Use technology to refine your search.

While referrals and recommendations have been old but still valuable methods of finding a real estate agent, you can further refine and improve your search by using the Internet, which offers a wealth of readily available information. There is a steady surge in the number of people turning to digital sources in their home search. Using Google or other search engines to type keywords like "agents in (name of your preferred location) may find localized information, providing reviews and additional information. Similarly, you can visit the agents' websites and browse different sections in it to gather better clarity about the agents. Technologies like drone photography, virtual reality, artificial intelligence etc., are enabling agents to better represent and serve customers.

Price, contract and other details

Most real estate agents charge a commission. Ask about the charges and if it sounds high, negotiate the rate down as much as possible. Also, it is a nice idea to work with a real estate agent with a reasonable contract length. The agent should communicate all the details honestly, making the entire process of searching for or buying a new home easier.

While choosing an agent, it is equally essential to identify relevant certifications and specialties. Just like an expert in any industry would gather advanced skills to stay more appropriate, an expert real estate agent would also have additional certifications to strengthen their skills and become more sought-after.

Bonus Point

An essential aspect of successful selling or buying a home is communication. See how clearly, and carefully your agent listens to you. Do they understand your concern? Do you need to explain the same things all over again? If it's clear that an agent is not actively listening to you from the very beginning, it may be a sign you need someone else.

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