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Diane Cosentino is a Real Estate Broker serving Melville and its vicinity for her entire career. If you own a home inMelville and are looking to put your house up for sale, contact Team Cosentino! You want a Real Estate Broker familiar with the Melville area. Please call us to set up your free, no commitment appraisal!

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About Melville

Melville has a rich and deep rooted history. The area now known as Melville has gone by many names. It was once known as Sunsquams by Native Americans that lived in the area. It has also been named after local residents (Samuel Ketcham’s Valley) and Sweet Hollow. The earliest known record of the area being named Melville dates back to 1854 school records.

As for how the town of Melville got its name, there are a few stories! Some say it got the name from the abundance of Honey Bees. Meli is both Latin and Greek for Honey. Others claim it was named after the famed author Herman Melville. Either way, Melville is one sweet place to live! Melville’s future is equally as bright as its past! If you are interested in living in a beautiful neighborhood, with excellent schools, access to transportation to New York City all while being able to enjoy the suburban lifestyle, consider looking in Melville. Give us a call today to see how we can help you make this neighborhood your home!

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