Adding Value to Your Home Before Selling - Essential Value-Boosting Tips

December 27, 2022 - admin

Are you planning to sell your house in Cold Spring Harbor? If your answer is affirmative to the question, you have come to the right place. When you intend to put your house on the market, you must make the necessary alterations so that you get the best possible price.

You might have brilliant ideas, but it is best if you get in touch with a reliable real estate agent in Cold Spring Harbor and understand what features can make your house stand out when looking to sell it in the Cold Spring Harbor area. To get a better idea, you can also visit some houses for sale in Cold Spring Harbor and then make a plan for adding value to your home so that you can get your asking price.

Adding Value to Your Home Before Selling - Essential Value-Boosting Tips

Effective Tips for Value Addition to Your Home Before Selling

You will have people telling you that you will end up burning a hole in your pocket, adding value to your home before selling . You would be advised to sell it as it is instead of spending money on value addition. But this is a misconception in most cases, as there are brilliant ways of adding value to your home without much hassle and without becoming broke. Let us take a look at some such ways to add value to your home without spending much:

● Take Care of the Superficial Defects in the House

Who will show interest in purchasing a home which has dripping taps, broken lights, peeling paints, and dirty walls? No one would want to pay much for a home in this condition. These defects in the house reflect that the house is not well cared for and hence is already run down.

Also, do not try to cover defects like squeaky floors, stairs or doors, damp walls, limescale build-up on bathroom and kitchen fittings, or moldy sealant, with some instant but temporary remedies. All these will come up in the home survey. Instead, see how you can take care of these problems.

● Work on the Kitchen

Any reliable real estate broker in Cold Spring Harbor will agree that for many buyers, the kitchen acts as the focal point. Many buyers will first check the kitchen when they visit houses for sale in Cold Spring Harbor before moving on to the other rooms of the house. While it is not always possible to give the whole kitchen a makeover, there are small aspects, which you can address to give the space a new look and feel.

For instance, try replacing the cupboard handles if they are too old and shabby. You can also apply a coat of paint to the storage units, making them look as good as new. The other things you can do is try keeping the kitchen surfaces clean and clutter-free and experiment with different kinds of kitchen lighting.

● Upgrade the Exterior Doors Including Garage Doors

If your front door looks old, it is time that you replace it, as the front door is the gateway to your house. The front door would give the first impression of the house and an old front door might put off prospective buyers.

Along with the entry door, make sure that you upgrade the garage doors as well because buyers often take a look at the garage. Experienced real estate agents in Cold Spring Harbor believe that you will get almost 93% return on investment by upgrading the doors. This means, practically every cent that you invest in the doors will come back to you.

● Try Adding Usable Square Footage

The price and value of a home are determined by the liveable square feet area. Higher the liveable square feet area, the higher the price you can demand from the buyer. Try adding a small room or a bathroom or some other needed space in the home for increased functionality and value addition.

However, do note that the cost of adding this usable square footage and the price you get from the buyer, will depend on the kind of room that you are planning to add to your home for value addition.

● Repaint and Redecorate the House Inside Out

Every real estate broker at Cold Spring Harbor emphasizes that the house you are planning to sell should be in good condition (both interiors and exteriors) so that it appeals aesthetically to potential buyers. Try repainting and redecorating your home from the inside and outside so that buyers have a great first impression.


Declutter the house and you will see how it looks much better and spacious at the same time. For decorating, it is not mandatory to spend a fortune, just try simple things that are available readily and are affordable too. Even small changes will make a huge difference to the home’s appearance, as long as it looks clean, problem-free, and good.

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